Honda HRX217HYA Review – UPDATED 2021 – A Complete Guide

Honda is a reliable brand known to offer some of the best models across electronics, cars, lawnmowers, and a lot more. With decades of experience at embedding the most powerful technologies, Honda HRX217HYA surely wins the game when it comes to lawn care products.

A good lawn mower not only ensures that your yard looks great and stays healthy but also saves you from spending on other additional equipment for lawn maintenance.

In this guide, we take a closer look at the Honda HRX217HYA lawn mower that makes a place among the top affordable equipment. Let us discuss its features and offerings along with some common problems reported by users to find out whether this piece of equipment is reliable.

Honda HRX217HYA Review – UPDATED 2020

Honda HRX217HYA Review

The Honda HRX217HYA is a gas-powered lawnmower that offers several features of a high-end model but comes at a reasonable price. There is a lot about this mower that makes it such a popular choice among users who look for something reliable yet affordable.

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Powerful Honda Engine

The Honda HRX217HYA is equipped with a powerful premium Honda GCV200 engine that delivers better power and torque resulting in superior performance and easier cutting through thick grass. Improved power also ensures better durability with years of reliable service.

Roto-Stop Blade System

This lawn mower uses the Roto-Stop system of Honda to pause the blades without having to shut off and restart the engine. With this technology, the mower doesn’t stop when you let go of the handlebar.

The blades stop turning but the engine keeps running. This improves convenience when you need to pause to transport the mower, empty the bag, or move obstacles out of the way.

Hydrostatic Cruise Control

The Honda HRX217HYA uses a cruise control system that lets you control the speed of the mower so that you can mow the yard at your own pace. If you are in a hurry, you can do it quickly and still have the lawn cut evenly. You can choose from nine different speeds right from the handlebar.

The cruise control hydrostatic transmission uses a hydraulic pump and motor and there is no worrying about slipping belt wearing out. Honda is the only company to offer such a heavy-duty hydrostatic transmission on a lawnmower. You can set your speed and forget it and don’t have to keep pushing it constantly.

4-in-1 Versamow System

The exclusive Honda Versamow system gives you the facility to choose from mulching, bagging, leaf shredding or rear discharge. With the attached Clip Director, you can control the amount of grass that is mulched or bagged.

Tiny clippings mean the mower can pack more into a bag and reduce the number of bags to be emptied. Everything you need to use this system is right there; you don’t need to use any tools or attachments.

Twin Blade Technology

The Microcut Twin Blade system on this lawn mower gives a superior-quality cut resulting in a smooth, even surface. Dual blades also produce finer clippings so you have less clumping and a better look.

This system uses four cutting surfaces resulting in finer clippings to accommodate more in a bag to give you a perfect cut, reduced time emptying the bag and less work in all.


The Honda HRX217HYA gas lawn mower is powered by an efficient engine that not only cuts and mulches well but also makes it easy to maneuver. It uses an automatic blade system to ensure all the grass is cut evenly so your garden looks beautiful.

The cruise control system makes it easy to change the speed of the lawnmower so that you can mow the yard at the pace you desire.

The unique self-propellent technology allows changing the speed with ease. It also focuses on the conditions around the yard so that you can mow an uneven surface without worrying about the yard looking uneven.

With the 4-in-1 functionality, you can choose to cut, mulch, bag, or discharge without having to make any efforts. The Clip Director knob makes switching from bagging to mulching really effortless.


  • Rear-wheel drive and twin blades for versatile function
  • Rust-free mowing deck with a lifetime warranty
  • Honda Auto Choke system for easy starting
  • 4-in-1 lawn care without any tools required
  • 10-position clip director to select the most appropriate setting for mulching
  • Quick-Release handle which can be set to one of the three positions
  • Large ball bearing wheels for ease of maneuverability
  • Big 2.5 bushel capacity grass bag included
  • 7-position height adjustment with convenient levers
  • Manual fuel shut-off valve for easy maintenance and storage
  • 5-year residential warranty


  • Requires maintenance
  • Does not suit too small yard
  • Carburetor issues not covered under warranty
  • Can be difficult to maneuver on uneven terrains

Honda HRX217HYA Transmission Problems

There aren’t many problems associated with the Honda HRX217HYA lawn mower. However, this detailed review covers some minor issues some users report to have faced while using this equipment.

Some people complain that the hydrostatic transmission of the mower does not provide the desired speed. Other reviewers also found transmission problems and difficulty using the transmission bar to control speed. Users suggest that this problem is more significant when there are lots of obstacles and turns in the yard.

Honda HRX217HYA Carburetor Problems

The Honda HRX217HYA offers accessories for the product that don’t come included. A lot of people don’t like this and want to have the add-ons included with the initial purchase.

The mower is designed to be super powerful and is intended to be used in medium to large lawn sizes. This means it is not the right equipment for those who want their lawn to be cut really short about 10mm in length.

Some users are disappointed as the warranty does not cover carburetor issues caused due to fuel-related problems. Reviewers say the fuel tank left with fuel for a few weeks causes a clog-up in the carburetor.

This model is not without faults and gets some negative reviews because of some carburetor and transmission issues. However, the lawnmower manages to meet the expectations of most people with proper care and maintenance.