Husqvarna HU700H Review – UPDATED 2021 – Self Propelled Lawnmower

A lawnmower is undoubtedly one of the most important purchase decisions for any homeowner. With so many options available in the market, it often becomes difficult to pick the right lawn mower for your outdoor requirements. Self-propelled lawn mowers are getting increasingly popular for their ease of use and advanced features.

Today, we take a look at the Husqvarna HU700H mower and discuss in detail, its features, performance, and offerings to help you make a wiser decision.

Husqvarna HU700H Review – UPDATED 2020

Husqvarna is a Swedish brand that offers high-quality outdoor equipment. Husqvarna HU700H is one of the most popular self-propelled lawn mowers among urban home-owners for its power, durability and performance.

Husqvarna HU700H – Design

The Husqvarna HU700H is designed to cut a lot of grass with efficiency with its 22-inch cutting deck. The steel deck is powder-coated to ensure optimum resistance and offers 3-in-1 functionality of mulching, bagging and discharge.


The variable rear-wheel drive system makes mowing super-simple with this mower. It allows mowing at the desired pace with the trigger on the handlebar to adjust the speed. The mower includes ball bearings paired with 11-inch driving wheels at the back and 8-inch at the front to deliver exceptional maneuverability on all grass types.

The mower deck lets you choose from bagging, mulching and discharging the clippings. This means you have plenty of options when it comes to disposal. You can choose from multiple options to maintain your lawn’s beauty.

Cut Quality

The mower features 3-in-1 functionality and a 22-inch steel cutting deck to let you cut like a pro. Even when cutting with a single blade, it has no struggling with dense patches. It may need a second pass only when the lawn is wet or too tall.

Mulching quality is also impressive. With all the three disposal options, you don’t have any clumps left behind. The mulch is as fine as you would like. The bagging attachment attaches and detaches without any hassle and allows easy removal of clippings at any time.

Height Adjustment

Talking about the cutting height, the Husqvarna HU700H lawn mower stands out from its competitors with a single-lever system that makes it much easier. It also offers nine positions between 1 and 4 inches to select from. This means you can decide how deep you want to cut the grass to keep it healthy and beautiful-looking.

Motor Power

The Husqvarna mower operates on a Honda GVC160, superior 4-stroke engine and features automatic choke for quick start. This engine provides the right power it needs to perform efficiently on widespread lawns.

An electric mower may suffer from reduced power to the blades when running at speed but this gas mower keeps the cutting deck powered up for different types of grass even when running at full speed. As it is a Honda engine, the mower operates quietly.

Ease of Use

Husqvarna HU700H is a self-propelled machine that comes fully assembled. You just need to flip out the handle and lock a few bolts. You can get started with it in no time. The mower adds several ergonomic features including a 3-position adjustable handle, easy start, and easy-to-maneuver wheels.

With the Auto Walk Self Propelled rear-wheel-drive system, you can decide the pace at which you mow. Such a feature is particularly useful if you were using a push lawn mower.

Maintenance & Storage

Mowers like cleaning their equipment after use to maintain its operation. Husqvarna makes maintenance easier with a mower deck washout port. With this feature, washing the deck doesn’t remain complicated. Maintenance of other parts such as blades, gearbox, drive-train and more is just like other mower models.

One of the best features of this mower is the foldable handlebar that allows compact storage and lets you save a lot of space in your garage. The mower also comes with a 3-year warranty that backs up repairs and replacements apart from maintenance.


Like any self-propelled mower, the HU700H features a bailing lever that instantly kills the engine when released.


  • 9 different height settings
  • Great cut quality
  • Robust build and versatile performance
  • Mulch, bag and side discharge options
  • Outstanding maneuverability
  • Built for long life


  • A little pricey
  • Somewhat bulky

Husqvarna HU700H Blade

The Husqvarna HU700H 22-inch rear-wheel drive mower features an efficient, high-quality mulching blade that helps the unit deliver the performance that makes it so popular. It is a premium multi-purpose blade made out of hardened steel for maximum durability. The blade has a unique design that gives fine mulching resembling multiple blades.

This mulching blade features long edges that recut the clippings into smaller pieces while the contoured design helps swirl grass clippings inside the deck. The 22-inch blade enables the deck of HU700H to offer versatile functionality of bagging, mulching and side-discharging to keep the lawn beautiful and clean.

Made out of hardened steel, the blade is durable enough to last long without losing its sharpness and shape. In case you need to replace the blade, it is available as a replacement part as a genuine OEM part from Husqvarna. It can be purchased from any online store at an affordable, cost-effective price.

Husqvarna HU700H Air Filter

The replacement parts for Husqvarna HU700H are easy to obtain. The lawn mower uses a high-quality air filter that offers defense against dirt and debris during the mowing process. Your air filter should always be in a good condition to prevent dirt from entering the engine. If you are using a dirty or worn air filter, your engine can get damaged.

It is recommended that the air filter for your Husqvarna HU700H should be replaced after 100 hours of operation or after a season. You can easily find the replacement air filter at any online store for a nominal price. You should also consider cleaning the air filter often if operating the mower in dusty conditions.

Husqvarna Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Wheels

Husqvarna self-propelled lawn mower stands out for its auto walk rear-wheel drive system that gives you better control over the pace of mowing. The mower includes 8-inch front and 11-inch rear wheels for improved maneuverability on different types of grass. These wheels are equipped with ball-bearings to ensure better movement.

Husqvarna wheels are available as replacement parts to fit self-propelled mowers. The wheel engages with the drive system to propel the wheels and makes it much easier to push the mower. It comes as a genuine manufacturer part and can be purchased at competitive prices at different stores.