John Deere 757 Review – UPDATED 2021 – Specs, Problems, & More

There is no better time to invest in the lawn tractor than spring. It makes it easier for the gardener to tidy their lawn by cutting the grass short (up to 1.5-inches) efficiently. Known for the speed and power, John Deere 757 mowers are designed for keeping your lawn tidy and fresh. It levels the grass perfectly.

The specialty of this mower is its rear wheels that can pivot up to 180 degrees seamlessly. This makes it easier for the gardener to cut the grass evenly. John Deere 757 is one such zero-turn mower.

Featuring an adjustable seat with an armrest and a few cup holders, John Deere happens to be the leading supplier of the best lawn care machines on the market. You could use the machine on nearly all kinds of terrains.

Running at the speed of 7mph, the machine can be used for tall and uneven grass. It might be a bit expensive for those who are upgrading their traditional tractors, but it is worth the investment.

This is especially useful for gardeners and professionals with a large lawn. A machine is a perfect option for flat surfaces, but it’s floating deck allows you to run it on slopes and hilly terrains as well. You could also look for the commercial John Deere Ztrak 757 lawnmowers.

These machines come with 11.5-gallon fuel tanks as well as a comfortable seat that enables users to ride the machine for extended periods. It makes the mowing experience fun and enjoyable.

John Deere Ztrak 757 – A Complete Guide

John Deere 757 Review

John Deere Ztrak 757 comes equipped with a 25 horsepower Kholer engine. The machine has around 9 gallons of gas and a floating steel deck. This lawnmower features 21-inch blades. The mower can be used for both tall and extremely short grass.

The 1.5-inches thick blades offer a seamless cutting experience. With fine cutting, it can turn your lawn into a golf course. John Deere Ztrak 757 is one of the toughest lawn mowers out there. It can deflect the stones and other hard obstacles. The blades can resist scratches.

It will take you some time to get used to the levers. It can be used to cut over 4 acres of grass. Featuring the biggest deck and a reliable engine, John Deere Ztrak 757 is your best option. The seat is comfortable enough to make the long mowing sessions easier and smoother for you.

The qualities that set this mowing machine apart from other similar products are the fast-cutting ability and excellent power for slopes. The manufacturer has focused mainly on comfort and convenience.

They have equipped it with an armrest and a seatbelt. The front and rear wheels are large enough to provide you with a smooth and fast ride with adequate traction. Even if you are using the machine in the hilly area, rest assured that it will offer a good grip and an excellent cut quality.

If you take a close look at the mower, you will find the emergency kill switch right on the seat. The engine will automatically turn off if you fall off the seat. John Deere Ztrak 757 features a large fuel tank with a capacity to store 36 liters of gasoline. That being said, you don’t have to re-fill the tank frequently.


John Deere 757 is designed for a lot more than cutting the lawn grass. The machine has a powerful engine and a large fuel tank that can last for extended periods.

You could use the mower over a domestic or commercial lawn. It works wonders on just about any terrain. The specifications of the John Deere Ztrak 757 are as follows:

·      Type: Zero-turn mower

·      Engine: 25 horsepower Kholer gasoline engine

·      Blade thickness: 1.5 inches

·      Fuel tank capacity: 36 liters

·      Width: 60-inches

John Deere 757 Engine Problems

The most common problem with the John Deere 757 machine is the engine issues. The engine can overheat from continuous use. You can try to clean the cooling fans. Make sure you operate the engine at the optimal speed considering the ground condition.

The machine must not be too fast on a hilly or sloped surface. The engine problems can also arise because of the spark plug.

If the wire gets disconnected from the engine, then the engine will not start. Besides, you are going to have to replace the spark plug if it is too loose to connect properly. John Deere Ztrak 757 offers fuel efficiency, but the oil leak and incorrect engine oil can affect fuel efficiency.

If you face any carburetor problems, then contact the manufacturer. If the key switch or park brake lever is not in the right position, then it might get a bit challenging for you to kickstart the engine.

Mostly, the engine malfunctions when the cooling fan is surrounded by the build-up of debris from the lawn. All you have to do is remove the debris by cleaning the cooling fans. If the problem persists, take the John Deere Ztrak 757 mower to the automobile specialist or the servicing center.


John Deere 757 is one of the most reliable and fastest lawnmowers. It offers a great speed, high power, and quality cut. The large tires offer good traction on all terrains. Whether you are using the machine on a flat surface or a hilly area, the strong grip of this mower will enable you to cut the grass and edges easily.

With the ability to rotate up to 180 degrees, John Deere 757 does not leave any uncut grass. You don’t even need the weed whacker to give the final touch to the lawn.

If you have a large lawn with tall and uneven grass that needs frequent trimming and leveling, then John Deere 757 is your best option. The only downside to this mowing machine is the engine problems. Besides, it can be quite costly for residential purposes. Check price.