Stihl FS90r Review – UPDATED 2021 – Parts, Attachments & More!

While there are several brands catering to the needs of lawn enthusiasts and professionals, Stihl FS90r has become a staple among those who look for reliable tools for landscaping. Stihl offers an extensive range of trimmers and mowers to make it easy to maintain beautiful yards and lawns.

In this post, we review the Stihl FS90r trimmer and take a closer look at its features, offerings, parts and working to help buyers make an informed decision.

Stihl FS90r Review – UPDATED 2020

Stihl trimmers are great options for homeowners and professionals who want reliable yard equipment and don’t want to compromise on quality. With years of reliability and refinement, Stihl has made a reputed brand name in the industry. These models are ideal for those who have big yards and deal with heavy-duty trimming on a frequent basis.

The Stihl FS90r is a professional-quality brushcutter for commercial and residential users and suits mowing, gardening, clearing and landscaping applications. Here are some of the most notable features of this trimmer that make it a highly popular tool among landscapers.


The Stihl FS90r comes with a 1-point anti-vibration system for reduced vibrations and a pleasant working experience. An automatic decompression valve makes the task effortless while the powerful engine helps clear the lawn easily.


The trimmer is equipped with a low, emission, powerful 28cc engine paired with loop handle to deliver excellent maneuverability needed to mow in all directions and cut down obstacles.


The Stihl FS90r professional trimmer works with a number of attachments and accessories like steel blades for better flexibility.

Multi-function Handle

The tool gives you easy access to all the controls with a single convenient handle so that you can complete tasks without taking the hand off the handle.

Electronic Ignition Module

The electronic ignition is fully enclosed to deliver a reliable starting and protection from debris and moisture.

Purge Pump Primer

The trimmer features a small fuel pump that provides fuel to the carburetor upon pressing the bulb and reduces the number of pulls required to start the machine after a break between uses.

Reduce Emission Engine Technology

This advanced technology creates a seal for nature care which means the product is environment-friendly and does not cause exhaust emissions.


Stihl is known for manufacturing durable, reliable products that give buying confidence to homeowners and commercial users. This trimmer is also constructed to offer long-lasting reliability and is easy to use and maintain. Reaching out to the company for service and repair is also not a problem with Stihl.


  • Fuel efficient and powerful
  • Clean for the environment
  • Easy to rewind head
  • Variety of attachments
  • Reliable and easy to start


  • Susceptible to carbon buildup
  • Somewhat heavy

Stihl FS90r Parts & Attachments

Stihl FS90r allows extending the trimmer functionality with the provision of adding different attachments and accessories to it.

You can easily purchase replacement parts and attachments for your Stihl trimmer to maintain and improve the performance when working in your yard. Genuine Stihl parts are readily available at online stores at affordable prices.

Here are some of the main parts of FS90r

Fuel Tank – To store oil and fuel mixture

Loop handle – Facilitates easy control of the machine when cutting

Carrying Ring – Attachment of harness to the trimmer

Bike Handle – Allows easy control of the tool using both hands when cutting in the yard

Air Filter Cover – Encloses the air filter element and protects it

Barrier Bar – Protects the hands and feet of the user from the cutting tool

Some of the approved attachments for the Stihl FS90r include:

Mowing Head – This is the cutting attachment for different purposes.

Cutting Blade – Circular saw blade is the cutting attachment made out of metal for wood cutting. You can also add a line limiting blade to ensure that the line of the mowing head is at the right length.

Deflectors – This part is aimed at reducing the risk of operator injury from any object flung from the contact with the blade.

Handles – The Stihl FS90r can use a loop handle or bicycle handle in a combination with attachments as recommended in the instruction manual.

Shoulder Straps – You can use shoulder straps and harnesses with the trimmer for better comfort.

How To Start A Stihl Weed Eater FS90r?

To start the Stihl FS90r engine, follow these steps:

  • Press the throttle trigger lockout and throttle trigger one after the other
  • Hold both the triggers down
  • Use the slider to set the control to START position
  • Then, release the throttle trigger, lockout and slide control in succession
  • Set the choke knob
  • Lay the machine on the ground on the deflector and engine
  • Press the trimmer firmly against the ground with the left hand
  • Hold the starter grip with the right hand
  • Pull it slowly and then give a strong pull once it is engaged

It is a good idea to refer to the instruction manual for complete details on starting, operating and switching off the tool. See that you consider the warning signs and precautions during each stage of the operation to avoid any damage or accident.


The Stihl FS90r is one of the most reliable and durable products for professional landscapers and yard owners. It comes loaded with everything you want to maintain your lawn without any hassle.

When your landscaping needs demand a versatile, efficient, low exhaust emission trimmer in professional-quality, the FS90r is definitely a great pick and value for money!