Stihl SG20 Review – UPDATED 2021 – Stihl Backpack Sprayer

Stihl SG20 Review – When working on the lawn with herbicides and pesticides, control and precision are top priorities. A high-quality, reliable backpack sprayer can make the job easier and more efficient with advanced features. There are several options available in the market aimed at providing you an easy way to spray fertilizers and pesticides on the fields and lawns.

Today, we review one of the most efficient backpack sprayer models from a reputed brand. The Stihl SG20 review takes a closer look at the product’s features and offerings to help readers understand what they should expect from it.

Stihl SG20 Review – UPDATED 2020

STIHL offers a perfect solution for different spraying tasks with its varied range of handheld and backpack sprayers. They are simple to use and can be great companions for small gardens. The brand also offers some robust sprayers with a large tank capacity to suit professional use across bigger areas.

The STIHL SG20 is a manual backpack sprayer intended for spraying fertilizers and pesticides on medium-sized spaces. It is a portable back-wearable spray with a tank capacity of 18 liters.

It is perfect for spraying substances manually with accuracy and precision around the home and garden. It works for liquid fertilizers and pest control chemicals on large fields and yards.

Backpack Design

The sprayer features a convenient backpack system that is perfect for use in bigger areas. It has a lightweight and comfortable design that lets you spray for long hours without fatigue. The backpack system also distributes the weight of the spray drift evenly for reduced fatigue during extended jobs. The weight of the sprayer is 5.1 kg without liquid and the working pressure is maintained at 40 psi.

Adjustable Nozzle

This backpack sprayer features an adjustable brass hose nozzle that gives you the flexibility of changing the width and size of the spray and the volume of the stream. You can also change the droplet size to suit multiple applications. The nozzle facilitates an economical application of the liquid with the adjustment of the spray boom.

Large Tank

A tank capacity of 18 liters ensures that you can carry sufficient substance to cover the entire area. The tank is designed to be durable and avoid frequent refills. The large filling hole ensures that the tank is refilled quickly without any leaks or clutter. The tank is translucent and gives good visibility of the liquid level.

External Pressure Pump

There is an external pressure pump on the sprayer that creates the required pressure for using the spray boom. This reservoir is separate from the main tank and maintains a constant working pressure even after refills. This feature makes sure there is always an even and economical application of the liquid.

Pressure Gauge

The sprayer also has a pressure gauge that verifies the working pressure of the liquid at all the time. This allows you to work economically, regardless of the area of the field.

Stihl SG20 Backpack Sprayer – How It Works?

The STIHL SG20 backpack sprayer can be used to spray chemicals, fertilizers, and other liquids for control of weeds and pests in the field or garden. It can also be used to control beetle and plant diseases and maintain trees in yards and around homes.

Working with the backpack sprayer is extremely simple. You just need to connect the wand to the spray gun and secure the nozzle holder. You will also need to assemble the hand lever using the screws included.

Once the assembly is completed, you can do a test with water to make sure there are no leaks. You can also adjust the straps of the backpack to ensure a snug, convenient fit on your back.

Once the unit is filled and put on the back, you can operate the hand lever slowly for 8-10 strokes to build up pressure. To start spraying, pull the spray gun’s trigger and operate the lever at a rate of 3-6 strokes per minute for even pressure.

You can rotate the nozzle to adjust the spraying pattern. If you want to spray continuously, you can pull the trigger and engage the U-clip in the direction of the arrow to lock it.

Stihl SG20 Price

The STIHL SG 20 backpack sprayer offers value for money and suits homeowners and professionals who want a convenient way to spray liquid fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides across their fields, gardens and yards. It can be purchased from any lawn care store or specialty store.

The price of this sprayer can vary depending on the country and area you live in. However, it is shipped by Amazon and other online retailers to most parts of the world. The SG 20 sprayer should cost you anywhere between $200 and $300 based on the seller you purchase it from.

You can save on the online purchase of this unit with discounts offered by different sellers and stores from time to time. You can also purchase additional accessories for the product to suit your requirements.

Stihl Backpack Sprayer Parts – SG20 Hose, Nozzle & Wand

The STIHL backpack sprayer is made up of several parts that work together to provide a uniform, precise spraying application to fields and gardens. Some of the most important parts of this unit include Pump, Hand Lever, Spray Gun, Filter, Harness, Retainer, Pressure Vessel, Wand and others. You can always buy replacement parts for this product in case they get damaged or out of order.

Nozzle – The adjustable brass nozzle for SG20 allows adjusting the spray pattern and stream to suit varying applications.

Hose – A replacement hose for the SG20 sprayer is available for purchase at several stores. A high-quality hose in an appropriate length facilitates convenient spraying operation across the area. The STIHL sprayer uses a pressure hose with reinforcement and flexible spraying lance. It is quite sturdy and perfect for extended use.

Wand – Whenever you need to replace the wand of the backpack sprayer, you can get a replacement wand that helps spray the liquid evenly by feeding the solution to the nozzle.


The STIHL SG20 is one of the best portable sprayers for the manual application of substances in field areas and households. It is equipped with powerful features that allow accurate, hassle-free, precise spraying in large quantities. It offers great value for money and makes your lawn and field care job easier.